Why Do You Need to Ask for More?

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Why Do You Need to Ask for More

Have you noticed that most people are programmed into focusing on having less of something they don’t want, rather than having more of what they want?

I used to be like this, my thoughts were always around “Oh, if only I had less fatigue!” “If only I had less demands!” “If only I had less self-doubt!”

The problem with focussing on having less of something is you’re constantly re-establishing those pathways in your brain. I also didn’t really know what I wanted instead so wasn’t heading in a specific direction.

Changing Your Focus

How would it be rather than asking for having less of something, you ask for more of something else?

How would it be to focus on meeting more of your needs, by focusing on them?

I remember in the past, not really knowing what my needs were, and focusing on my needs felt selfish. But it’s not, and there is an increasing body of evidence that focusing on your needs and meeting your needs can support you to flourish, unsurprisingly.

Ask for More

Over the ‘Ask for More’ series, we’re going to look at how you ask for more of some of the most common needs that typically aren’t met.

First, I want you to focus on what your needs are and recognise whether they’re being met at the moment, or not.

Hopefully, they are and that’s brilliant.

Common needs often fall under the following headings:

  • Connection
  • Play
  • Physical wellbeing - including food, sleep, exercise, and movement
  • Peace
  • Meaning
  • Autonomy - independence
  • Honesty

Think about your core needs - are they being met?

If not, start to focus on what you need and ASK FOR MORE from yourself. Follow this series over the coming weeks for ideas and inspiration.

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