Carrie Carlisle, 42

Speaker and Newspaper Columnist

I came to see Kate because I was doing a lot of anxiety, breaking out in hives and was completely in a place of unmanageable crisis. And Kate worked with me to change things around. Now I feel the most empowered, the most positive and the most productive I have ever been. I would recommend sessions with Kate without reservation. 

Note: this video is a chat I had with Carrie about how stuck she was and her amazing changes. It's quite long but I didn't want to edit anything out. 


Emma Maitland-Carew

Nutritional Therapist

Emma and I chat about the changes she made and what it's like to work with me. 


Gabrielle L, 38

Nutritional Therapist

I started seeing Kate quite soon after the birth of my 3rd child, life on paper was good…. happy family, healthy children, smiling mother, yet I felt very fragile and knew that I wasn’t living my best life.

I really struggled at the beginning of seeing Kate with the feeling that this was incredibly self-indulgent of me, that I didn’t have anything worthy to discuss and I was alright carrying on as I was.

Kate was patient and listened, provided a safe, nurturing space, adapting her methods and plan for each session according to how I was feeling and what I wanted to discuss.

Over the course of the sessions numerous things happened to me, as life does, it was amazing to be able to address things and work out what best served me, Kate showed me how to surf the waves of my problems and how to retrain my thinking so I was capable of handling anything life threw at me.

Looking now at the last 6 months, I can see such a change in myself, behaviours which were commonplace and that caused me significant pain and took up time, no longer burden me. I know when to recognise my patterns and I have a plan in place and catch myself.

I feel confident, proud and excited about my future. Kate has enabled me to maximise my potential and I feel changed forever.

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Jenna M, 37, mum to two gorgeous children

After suffering for years with debilitating anxiety from burnout, trying so many different things, I found Kate. In the past I would get better temporarily and thought this was just something I would have to live with.

Then I met Kate and took part in her AMAZING Live Powerfully Academy course. WOW - what an eye opener, getting taught skills for life. I can honestly say I've never felt better, and it wasn't hard, I even did it with two young children and a busy life. Kate makes things so easy, and the support she gives is fantastic.

In a world that is now so unpredictable and worrying, knowing I have skills to build my resilience is so, so needed.
And learning so much about myself and accepting myself is something I never thought I'd feel.

Thankyou Kate for helping me to Live Powerfully

Lily Green, 36

The Live Powerfully Academy helps you to be who you truly are authentically, with strength, love, power and certainty.
You will rid yourself of unhelpful blind spots and shed habits, standards and beliefs that are not helpful to you or others and in so doing unlock a seemly boundless source of energy and love.
I made many quite profound changes during the course. Not only that, but it gives you a structure from which to conduct and navigate your changed life from after the course to keep growing and practicing and refining. Some changes become natural so quickly that when you look back at your notes on where you were at the beginning of the course, it feels like a different person - you replaced the difficulties with what you want.
Kate is incredibly special and clever and supportive.
In short, it’s life changing and you couldn’t have a better light-house to guide you.

Cindy B, 28

I have been seeing Kate for around three months now and can honestly say that The Live Powerfully Programme is empowering me as a young woman, transforming the way I think and is changing my life for the better! 

Before I started seeing Kate, I was at a very low point in my life. I found it very difficult to talk to anyone about how I felt and believed that I wasn’t good enough. I had also struggled with anxiety, low self esteem and lack of confidence ever since I could remember.

From my very first session, I found it rather easy to talk openly about my past and how I was feeling. The more I got into the sessions the easier it became. It’s felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Kate is a kind, caring, friendly, calm and generous person that is always willing to go above and beyond to help. It's very reassuring to know that Kate is just a call, text or email away if I need to offload or check in before my next session.

Since meeting Kate I have noticed a huge change in myself. I'm more confident, I have higher self esteem, I believe that I have a purpose and can use different techniques and strategies I have learnt to remain calm, positive and get though whatever struggles may come my way. I will definitely be using them all in the future. 

Reaching out to Kate for help has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t thank her enough for changing my life.  

Sally, 55, Coach

I continue to benefit immensely from Kate’s Live Powerfully Programme. She has been coaching me for 6 months and has helped me work on my issues teaching me many very useful tools and strategies.

Kate is compassionate and fully present when she listens to me. I really feel that she puts her whole heart and soul in her commitment to help me make change. I was stuck in doing many things that I didn’t enjoy. Kate has taught me to become more assertive and to stop apologising. I have become more proactive in leading a good life instead of plodding along repeating the same old patterns.

I have greater confidence in my abilities and have learnt to find fun and laughter in situations. Kate has helped me discover my strengths and talents.

Kate is a knowledgeable and caring person and I am very grateful to have someone like her to reach out to.

I highly recommend Kate’s Live Powerfully Programme.

Claire, 49, HR Director

was introduced to Kate by a close friend. The Live Powerfully Programme seemed just what I needed on paper but I have to confess to being a bit sceptical to start with. I wanted to get out a rut I had become stuck in and start taking control of my life again. How would you rate The Live Powerfully Programme? Excellent. Did the programme help you to meet your objectives? Yes (and some!)​. How would you rate Kate as your guide and coach? Excellent.
Kate provides a very good balance of support and challenge. She asks very pertinent questions which really made me think about some of my ingrained beliefs and behaviour patterns.
Would you recommend The Live Powerfully Programme to friends, family and colleagues? Yes


Nats B, Coach and Fitness Instructor

I wanted to reach out and update you on life out here in Sydney, as I am feeling particularly proud of myself and grateful for how far I have come in such a short space of time. (Sorry to sound big-headed!!)

As lockdown was put in place in Sydney quite a few weeks ago, and my spin studio closed down. 

My housemate and I decided to hire a spin bike to keep ourselves fit, and so I could continue to work on my class playlists.

The day the bike arrived, on 10th April, we decided that actually we wanted to do something to help raise money for the NHS - so signed ourselves up to a 24 hour spinathon challenge. We gave ourselves a month and completed the ride at 6am this morning!

We did 3 hours on, 3 hours off - so 12 hours each. As I reflect on the whole experience today, it has come to my attention quite how amazing this achievement is.

To think, back in October before I did the LP, I was struggling to get through teaching a class off the bike without needing to sleep for a few hours, and without doing all my symptoms. To now, where I was doing tired - but I could understand why, and I knew this wasn't being stuck, but would pass. I have still been able to go in and film classes throughout this time for online content, and this has often been 2 back to back, where I haven't been able to get off the bike at high intensity. I just am so amazed that I can do this now.

Lockdown has also been a great time for me to overcome the anxiety I had around socialising and drinking. I have calmed down a lot, and can really appreciate a good glass or two of wine, without the expectation or association with doing tired or headaches. As lockdown begins to lift, I am hoping that Lululemon will still be able to keep their job offer available for me (They offered me the role just a couple days before everything kicked off, so, unfortunately, it as put on hold). But things are looking up, the majority of the time I am filled with positive energy and head clarity.

I have been making the most of the beautiful coastal walks, taking sunrise dips in the sea. I have also been doing an online course on the Psychology of Well-being- run by Yale, which I have really enjoyed. This has meant I have kept up my gratitude journal, meditating, yoga, random acts of kindness, savouring and generally doing life enhancing things!! >I hope all is well with you, I just wanted to fill you in and thank you again for being so involved in making my life into one that I love!!

PS Fast forward a few years to Nats qualifying as a coach @nat_bristowe_coaching 


Liza Welch (and Nacho) 

I am a student at Loughborough university. I was diagnosed with ME and Lyme disease in October 2020 following a stressful year in London. I found Kate after being recommended the Lightning Process by several friends who had successfully recovered through completing the Lightning Process.

I was struggling to do normal daily activities for myself, with several symptoms including headaches, muscle-aches and pains, dizziness, and, as a result, I reluctantly dropped out of university.

The Lightning Process changed my life and my perspective from day one. I went from experiencing anxiety and depression to knowing I can influence my health and happiness in any way I want. My mindset changed dramatically for the better, and I immediately felt as though my life was back on track. I learnt that I could really influence myself into getting back to full health.

My friends and family noticed a huge shift in my presence, and I felt like I was myself again. I can now enjoy long walks in the countryside and I am in the process of getting back into my sport. I am back at university completing my degree, knowing that I am a powerful genius who is able to positively influence my health and tackle any challenges in the future!


Thank you Kate!

Holly Farr

After struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for five years, at points spending up to a month barely able to leave my bed, I decided to take a chance and try the Lightning Process. I didn’t have much to lose at this point, I just wanted to be healthy again.

The first day was a lot to take in, Kate walked us through the course and introduced us to the process, we learnt a lot and I left feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I continued to do the process all evening, learning to recognise thoughts and feelings as they popped into my head and doing the Lightning Process to work through them. 

On the second day, I was up at 9am for the seminar. Again we learnt a lot and there was a lot to take in. After it finished I had dinner and took the tube across London to go out for drinks with an old friend, and afterwards, I even did a bit of shopping. I got back to my hotel room after 10pm, and I felt great. I couldn’t believe this was even possible, but it was.

When I left London, I thought I might struggle a bit, but Kate made sure we kept in touch and she coached me through everything – she always knew when I needed some support (I swear she has a sixth sense) and was able to help me ‘get back on the bike’ and help me overcome any obstacles I had faced.

Fast-forward to six months later and I am still feeling amazing. I have a job, I’m saving up to go back to university and study for a Master’s degree, and I’m planning on travelling the world in the not-so-distant future. These are things I had only ever dreamed of doing, and thanks to Kate and the support and encouragement she’s given me while doing the Lightning Process, I can live the life I love. I have a second chance at life, thanks to Kate.

Jess P.

I feel confident that it has worked and will continue to get me to the life I love. Kate is amazing, so approachable, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything.


Sam B.

Kate was wonderfully empathetic, understood why I have been stuck moving forward and has helped me have belief in my power to effect real change!


Seren P.

Kate has helped and guided me to apply the Lightning Process resulting in a life changing experience!

Thank you Kate!!


Elise N.

Kate's compassionate, positive attitude helped our group get on really well. I've learned so much and now know I have the power to influence my health. I feel so excited about the future now! I finally have my life back.


Georgie P.

Kate has great energy! She was great at keeping the energy up in the room, ensuring we all got a voice and actually got success. I liked the balance of encouragement and challenge.


Melanie S.

Kate is great - calm, warm, inspiring...

I'm feeling positive about living a full healthy life again. Kate is a lovely person and trainer.


Abi N.

Kate is so much fun and encouraging. She is supportive and helped me find the best me when I had lost sight of that person.


Kim C.

I was calm after the trainings, I slept well and woke up refreshed. I loved the group and Kate.


Ellie D.

Genuinely life changing. For the first time ever I know who I am and love that person. I feel so confident that I can achieve my dreams. If every woman did the Live Powerfully Programme, the world would be a better place.


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Giving back

Positive Psychology Signature Strengths Corporate Masterclass

"Kate brilliantly took the Rockinghorse team through our signature strengths and demonstrated how we can use these strengths to create great teamwork and results. It was a great tool to learn more about each member of the team. Some fantastic practical uses which we will take forward. Your energy, warmth and wisdom shone through on the day. 

It helped spice the strategy day up and some really helpful tips to take forward."

Rhian Walsh, Interim CEO, Rockinghorse Children's Charity

Kate holding group training

 If you work for a charity or not-for-profit and are interested in supporting your team to develop, get in touch. Each year I'm able to offer a small number of masterclasses pro-bono.