It's time to stop saying 'sorry'!

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The word sorry and a sad emoji

Time to find an alternative to saying 'sorry'

‘Sorry’ will be said 368 million times today in the UK and mainly by women. 


According to research this one little word can have a huge impact on women in the boardroom and how they are perceived by male colleagues. Every time you say 'sorry' unecessarily you are reinforcing unhelpful beliefs and patterns of 'it's my fault', 'I'm not good enough' etc and it's time to stop if you want to unlock your power. And lovely reader you really deserve to Live Powerfully. Here are some alternatives to 'sorry':

- if you are late, how about 'thank you so much for waiting'
- if you accidentally bump into someone 'please excuse me?'
- if you feel you are taking up someone's time / asking a lot of questions, how about 'I really appreciate you answering all of my questions'

What else can you think of?

ACTION: take action today and start to notice how often you say 'sorry' and start to choose a different way of expressing yourself that enables you to be more powerful. 

Sometimes ‘sorry’ is the only word to say, but often there are many other words that are more conducive to you living the life you love.  


Kate x

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