From Stress to Resilience. The Power of HeartMath.

heartmath mind body connection resilience stress Apr 27, 2021

Modern life, for many of us, can feel like an overwhelming existence.

Stress and pressure are so ubiquitous we have become de-sensitised to the barrage of frustration, anxiety, and tension that we often feel every day. We can be resigned to this damaging status quo, rather than confronting it.

But what if I told you there are methods to alter our response to what is happening around us? One approach is HeartMath, a series of self-regulation techniques which use the heart’s rhythm to bring our mind, body, and emotions into balanced alignment. It is powerful, yet easy to do, and the results are incredibly effective. And it’s all about breath.

The HeartMath Institute, based in California, has spent over 25 years researching the heart-brain connection and how the heart guides our perceptions, emotions, intuition, and health. One particular area of study is the fundamental relationship between emotions and stress.

Dr Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., founding partner of the HeartMath System says, “The majority of people believe that emotions just happen to them. We have not been taught that we can shift out of stressful emotions… The lack of understanding about how to address our emotions is one of the real causes for today’s stress epidemic.”

Just like when our mind adjusts to a new habit, long term stress changes our brain’s neural circuitry causing fluctuating reactions that flag up as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger, and chronic illness.

HeartMath teaches how to self-regulate; to control the heart rate variability which is the space between the heartbeats to achieve a positive emotional state, known as coherence. And when we achieve coherence, we reap the benefits of improved resilience, energy, patience, clear thinking and intuition. Hormones are also triggered resulting in increased oxytocin, to counterbalance the stress hormone cortisol.

As a HeartMath coach, not only do I practice the HeartMath technique myself I support my clients to be less anxious and more present by teaching them to harness the power of the mind and body connection for resilience, calmness, and flow. Some of the benefits have been found to be:

  1. WELLBEING: Our habits and lifestyles are deeply embedded in our psyche and it takes time, commitment, and practice to make long-lasting change. HeartMath gives us more awareness of the subtler, everyday stressors we no longer notice so we can begin to address the re-balance and feel better. The method supports us to guide our negative emotions towards a more optimistic mindset.
  2. RESILIENCE: Being able to influence our emotions, and our response to the stressors around us, is empowering and transformative. Practicing HeartMath strengthens these new, healthy pathways to increase our resilience and enable us to emerge from testing times even stronger. This puts us in a better position to handle challenges in the future.
  3. MEANING: “Heart-based living,” says HeartMath founder Doc Childre, “helps you learn to live in the now, bringing more of your real self into each moment… allowing you to relate to life with increased hope and confidence.” HeartMath encourages us to let go of the toxic thoughts, the inner-critic and the long-held insecurities that drive our harmful beliefs, to become more authentically ourselves. We demonstrate compassion and kindness, and we are open to new opportunities and passions.

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