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Live Powerfully Academy


The award winning programme designed for smart, busy women to step into and live their most powerful lives.

Live Powerfully Academy not only teaches you the seven pillars to wellbeing, success and happiness but guides you step-by-step to implement them to transform your life. 
1,000 women have already changed their lives through their work with Kate Gare, are you ready to be next?
Winner of the Best International Women's Life Coaching Programme 2021 at the GHP Healthcare and Pharamceutical Awards.


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Live Powerfully Academy is the right fit if you are:


  • Fed up of feeling overwhelmed and stressed 

  • Struggling to perform at your best in your personal or professional life

  • Your own worst critic

  • Beyond ready to take your life back and start living your most powerful life (even though you might not know exactly what that looks like).

"Kate has enabled me to maximise my potential and I feel changed forever!

I can see such a change in myself. Behaviours that caused me pain, and took up time, no longer burden me. I feel confident, proud and excited about my future. "


Laptop and Cappuccino

By the end of this programme you will have:

Developed Unsinkable Resilience

instead of being knocked off course when the unexpected happens, being able to bounce back and grow from challenges without becoming burnt out

Nurtured Self-Love

instead of saving love for others, to become your biggest force for happiness and success (and it's easier than you might think)

A Powerful Life

instead of being pulled in different directions, clarity on what a values and strength-based life means for you and how to live it so you can flourish.

But above all else…

Live Powerfully Academy is about stepping into and embracing yourself, so you can live with intentiona and purpose aligned with your true self. It's about dynamic and deep transformation.

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"Reaching out to Kate for help has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I can’t thank her enough for changing my life.

I can honestly say that 'The Live Powerfully Programme' is empowering me as a young woman, transforming the way I think and is changing my life for the better!"



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