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Creating Healthy Boundaries

Do you say 'YES' to everyone else at the expense of yourself?

Do you put your own needs last? 

Are you ready to start saying 'YES' to You?

Healthy boundaries are crucial for your resilience and wellbeing. 

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Here's what's Inside

  • a checklist to work out how healthy your boundaries currently are
  • a step-by-step worksheet to start creating healthy boundaries today
  • a set of powerful self-supporting statements to help make change easier
  • next step ideas.

"Reaching out to Kate for help has been the best decision Iโ€™ve ever made and I canโ€™t thank her enough for changing my life. "

Cindy, 26

Worried about your stress levels?

Maybe you are secretly worried about burnout too? Whether you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, imposter syndrome, 'people pleasing', perfectionism, or burdened with responsibility and a loud self-critic it is possible to change things so you flourish instead. 

Grab my free 'Creating Healthy Boundaries: A Beginner's Guide' today and start making those changes, one step at a time. 

Your life and you are so valuable. 

A Note from Kate Gare...

“My boundaries used to be so unhealthy, I was a perfectionist people pleaser and my own biggest critic. So much so it led to burnout, fatigue, and chronic pain for seven years.

That's why for the past 15 years, since I bounced back, I have been supporting amazing women just like you to transform their lives. To get rid of the stuff they don't need such as being overwhelmed, not feeling good enough, low energy, and imposter syndrome and to develop more of what helps them flourish.

I feel so honoured to have supported a thousand women to build their resilience, happiness, health, and self-love. And I believe passionately that everyone has the right to thrive and to feel powerful in their lives.

It can be scary taking that first step, but it's so worth it.

Do you feel ready for change? If so, why not book a FREE 30 minute call with me and we can discover if I'm the best person to support you to live a life you love? You can book directly here , email [email protected] or call+44(0)7964 844 375.

Hope to speak soon, Kate xx 

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